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The Relationship Prof. Parenting Blog

Relationships are what I do. I have witnessed the plethora of emotions elicited by each end of the romantic relationship spectrum:
The joy, the exhilaration in getting ready to marry the love of your life; the pain, the grief in dissolving a union you had envisioned would last forever. 

Disconnection equals relationship pain, in my book.

The pain is compounded when there are children involved.

​Now, if pain and anger escalate, they may leave treacherous devastation affecting the family in its wake. ​

I wanted to change that, so I put on my old prof. hat, and started crafting my own parenting course. That was over hundreds of families ago.

This blog is an extension of my work and my way to continue fulfilling my call to help families protect their sacred bond.I am Dr. Liliana Wolf, The Relationship Prof. I help parents attend to their needs as individuals and transition from partners to co-parents to safeguard the family unit for their children's sake.
I am happy you found me here.   xxx Liliana

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I’m Liliana Wolf, Psychotherapist Turned Relationship Prof.

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